Policies » Homework


Homework is an integral part of the educational process. It is a learning experience that is extended into the home for the purpose of:

  • developing a sense of responsibility, motivation and self-confidence
  • promoting a learning connection between home and school
  • providing a learning experience to develop independence
  • encouraging growth of the individual student to his/her full potential

School's Responsibility
Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Make-up work may be assigned over the weekend. Kindergartners may have 5-10 minutes of homework. First through third graders may be assigned a minimum of 15 minutes. Intermediate students may have a minimum of 30 minutes. Homework times are suggested minimums. Some children need more time depending on their ability levels, etc.

Directions for assignments will be made clear before they are sent home. The homework assigned is consistent with the ability level of the student. Homework will be monitored and recorded accordingly.

Student's Responsibility
Students are responsible for completing the assignments and returning them as required by the teacher. Missing homework due to absences may need to be made up if the work has a direct bearing on the student's progress. Assignments not completed may be reflected in lowered daily and report card grades.

Parent's/Guardian's Responsibility
Provide a suitable environment, time and place for your child's homework and study time. When assistance is necessary and you are able to provide it, you are encouraged to do so. Discuss your child's work and progress with him/her. Encourage and praise your child frequently, checking progress and quality of work. Communicate with the school. If you have any questions regarding assignments, you may leave a message on the teacher's voice mail.