Policies » Grading


Grading is one of the methods of communicating achievement, performance, and progress.

School's Responsibility
Criteria to be considered in assigning grades will include, but not be limited to the following:
  • Achievement
  • Homework
  • Effort
  • Participation
  • Ability
  • Attendance
  • Test scores

Report cards are issued for each trimester.

Grades are affected by absences because in-class instruction, discussion and participation cannot be made up. Efforts will be made to provide the student with the opportunity to make up missed written work.

Teachers will provide opportunities for conferences with parents/guardians to discuss their child's progress. Communicating by telephone and/or notes may be initiated by the teacher or parent.

Upon the request of a student or parent, the teacher will review the criteria and evaluation materials used in determining a grade.

Progress Reports
Grades K-3: When a primary student is working below grade level expectations, the teacher will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the areas of concern.

Grades 4-5: When an intermediate student is in danger of failing a subject, parents/guardians will receive a progress report notifying them of the child's needs. The progress report will be mailed in advance to provide ample opportunities for the student to improve.

Progress reports may also be sent home whenever there is a sudden change in a student's performance.

Student's Responsibility
Students are responsible for completing all school assignments, including homework, in such a manner that the work will receive the proper credit.

Work missed during absences should be made up. Students are responsible for asking for missed assignments.

Parent's Responsibility
Parents will monitor their children's progress in school, oversee homework, keep absences to a minimum, encourage punctuality, and confer with teachers as necessary.

All school communications, including progress reports, appointment requests, report cards and teacher messages, will be signed and returned.