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Parent Resources

School Lunch Program
Students may purchase a school lunch for $2.50. Students receiving reduced price meals may purchase a lunch for $.40. Parents are encouraged to pre-pay into their child’s debit account in the cafeteria on the first day of each week between the hours of 8:15 AM and 9:00 AM. The school does not loan money for lunch. Students who forget/lose their money or run out of money on their debit card are provided items from the salad bar and milk.

Reduced and free lunch applications are available in the main office. They are available in both English and Spanish. Everyone is encouraged to apply and check for eligibility.

Safety to and from School
It is very important that students walk safely to and from school. Students and parents should always use cross walks. Crosswalks are located at: 1) Grant Avenue and Paseo del Campo; and 2) Grant Avenue and Washington Avenue. It is dangerous and unsafe to walk across the street directly in front of the school. Please abide by the law and do not have your child jaywalk in front of school with or without a parent escort.

When transporting your child by car, please remember the school staff parking lot is not for drop-off and pick-up. IDEA: Park your car a half block from the school, get out, and walk to school.

There is no yard duty supervision before 8:30 AM. Students who ride the school bus should be at their stop 10 minutes before scheduled pick-up time to avoid being missed for pick-up. Please check with the Transportation Department (317-4857) regarding questions about bus stops and schedules.

The Parent Teacher Association supports Grant School by planning enrichment activities for students and parents, and creates fundraising events. They meet monthly in the morning.

The Site English Language Advisory Committee is a group of parents and staff who share information and concerns about school in general and the English Learner population specifically. They meet at least four times per year.

The Site Representative Council is a decision making group that reviews and approves the use of categorical funds. They study school programs and procedures to ensure the academic, social, and safety needs of all students are properly addressed.