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Mission Statement

School Vision

Grant School is a community of learners united in joy, compassion for one another and high standards for all.

Teachers and staff build relationships with students that foster strategic thinking and facilitate students' belief they can accomplish anything they set out to do
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Literacy Vision Statement

Literacy is the key that unlocks doors.
It is accomplished with high expectations and the understanding of how children learn best.
Literacy is communication...joy...power.

Math Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality, challenging and accessible mathematics education to our students.
We believe the following:
  • Learning mathematics is maximized when teachers focus on mathematical thinking and reasoning.
  • Learning mathematics is enhanced when content is placed in context and is connected to other subject areas and when students are given multiple opportunities to apply mathematics in meaningful ways as part of the learning process.
  • Computational skills and number concepts are essential components of the mathematics curriculum.
  • It is our responsibility to enable all students to formulate, analyze, and solve problems proficiently.
  • Students use diverse strategies and different algorithms to solve problems, and teachers must recognize and take advantage of these alternative approaches to help students develop a better understanding of mathematics.
  • The assessment of mathematical understanding must be aligned with the content taught and must incorporate multiple sources of information, including standardized tests, quizzes, observations, performance tasks, and mathematical investigations.

Guiding Principles for Succeeding at Grant School

Remember that you are an important member of our community
Be respectful of yourself and others
Be a good learner and listener
Be fair and honest
Care about others
Be responsible
Be positive