Parking at Grant School!!

Attention ALL Families!! 
I want to draw your attention to the serious issue of parking on Grant School Campus! 
We have ONE parking lot available for all families who are arriving to pick up children.  Kindergarten and TK parents are the only parents REQUIRED to exit their cars and drop-off/pick-up students directly from the classrooms.  This is why we prioritize our parking lot in the morning for KINDERGARTEN  and TK families who have a parking pass!! 
We have many families who need to use the HANDICAPPED parking spots on campus as well.   PLEASE observe the signs and DO NOT PARK in these spots without proper HANDICAPPED placard in your car.  
In addition....Please do not park in UNMARKED areas or in areas where it clearly says NO PARKING.  And finally, it is never okay to double-park your car in the parking lot....blocking other vehicles....or blocking the FIRE LANE gate which is the emergency vehicle entrance to our campus!  
The pick-up loop is the best way to quickly drive-up and have your child get into your car.  We will gladly assist you in finding your child and heading on your way!! 
Many families simply park one or two blocks away and walk up to the front of the school to pick-up students.  This is what I would do if I were picking up students at Grant School!
If you have any questions or concerns....PLEASE come and speak directly with Mr. Jackson! 
If you notice any problems with parking...please alert the office staff @ 317-3712 and we will address the issue promptly!! 
Thanks for your attention to this matter! 
Mr. Jackson